1. The Fastest Growing Demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 Year Old Age Range. This demographic is up 79% from 2 years ago!

2. The Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook and Google+ is the 45-54 Year Old Age Range. This Facebook demographic is up 46% and the Google+ demographic is up 56% since 2012!

3. An Astounding 189 Million Facebook Users are 100% “Mobile-Only.” The number of people who are using Facebook from a mobile device instead of a home computer has significantly risen.

4. 30% of Facebook’s Ad Revenues come from Mobile Use. This percentage has risen 7% in the last 18 months and is continuing to grow.

5. Every Second, 2 New Members Join LinkedIn. This social network for professionals is growing every second.

These are just a few reasons why Social Media Marketing cannot be ignored in today’s business world!